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The art of glass with Graphic Glass

On December 7, 2016
On December 7, 2016

Creating a feature wall or designing a striking bathroom or kitchen feature is often a great way to accentuate the virtues of a space. But using glass to do this isn’t generally the first thing that comes to mind.

Glass has many benefits. It’s strong, versatile, easy to clean and maintain, and has high heat resistance as well as being suitable for heavy-use and wet areas, and for external applications. But the benefits of glass don’t stop there. With the latest technology, decorative glass is becoming a much more popular choice for various uses, particularly balustrades, kitchen splashbacks and showers.

As Graphic Glass director Shaun Jackson says, an increasing number of stunning results with decorative glass are being achieved. Graphic Glass utilises the most advanced, and only technology available in New Zealand, that has the functionality to provide the highest resolution printing on glass as well as the ability to directly print onto the largest single glass panels – at a maximum size of 1600mm by 4,000mm.

So whether it’s a commercial feature wall, a residential bathroom or a kitchen splashback, the design opportunities are endless.

Frameless glass showers and splashbacks can easily enhance a bathroomFrameless glass showers and splashbacks can easily enhance a bathroom

“Glass is a great option and provides so much possibility because there almost limitless things you can do with it,” Jackson says.

Graphic Glass offers a colour matching service, as well as having a range of more than 700 ‘standard’ colours available, which include flat, opaque, metallic, pearl and sparkle finishes. Any colour, pattern or print can be put onto glass to create unique features in numerous applications.

The systems Graphic Glass use to paint and print glass are both certified and a ten-year warranty is provided on all work. The technology involved is the latest available, and for painting, it incorporates a specialised three-stage system before the glass is baked.

“The benefits of creating a feature with glass are many, but we find the fact that it doesn’t discolour over time and retains its original colour vibrancy is a key aspect of what attracts designers and consumers to using our product.”

Create different levels of privacy with printed glassCreate different levels of privacy with printed glass

The system Graphic Glass uses is called Future Glass Printing, which is unique in the market because it is the only technology that allows direct printing to glass that is then back painted and baked. This means that it does not delaminate or discolour over time as other methods of glass printing do, which require the addition of a third party primer to bond the ink to the glass. It’s also the only technology in New Zealand that can achieve a part block-out in printing, an option that is popular especially for use in bathrooms where privacy is required. “For example, we could create a printed beach scene where you can see through the sky and trees but not the water. What this means for its application is that differing levels of privacy can easily be achieved.”

Because glass is a uniform flat surface without joins or grouting, there is the option to create stunning visual effects with lighting on the reflecting surfaces. And then, if it’s in an area where it will get wet or dirty, it can simply be wiped clean when the work is done.

Glass panels, which can be cut to any shape or size required, can be attached with concealed fixings such as adhesives and tapes, or with a range of stainless steel mechanical fixings, depending on the requirements and design.

Graphic Glass is also available for external use including on balustradesGraphic Glass is also available for external use including on balustrades

“What we offer is a completely customised service solution for residential and commercial spaces utilising top-of-the-line technology unique in New Zealand.”

Graphic Glass offers a full in-house service with a creative team that will work with clients or designers from conception right through to manufacturing and installation.  Graphic Glass routinely works with photographers and artists but can also print any photographs or artwork provided as long as it is high resolution.

What’s possible with glass design in New Zealand is developing at pace, and the ability to create bespoke pieces suitable for a wide range of applications gives it a clear benefit over many other materials.

Get in touch with Graphic Glass for your next project. Visit them on ArchiPro here.

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